You may need to provide staging depending on your venue, which we can advise you on. However the show is extremely versatile and can be performed almost anywhere.

Our basic requirements are as follows:

  • We need to be positioned at the optimum audience viewing point
  • We require a minimum performance space of around 3m x 2m (12′ x 4′ approx)
  • We need to hang our back-drop banner – which is approx 2m x 2m (6′ x 6′)
  • We require 2 x power-points for musician keyboard and amplifier
  • We need an armless chair for the musician
  • The show needs to be well lit – for theatre venue shows we require a “general wash” lighting state with the use of some primary colour gels, if possible. However for village hall shows we can make do with whatever your venue has available.
  • We require a technician to operate our lights. In many cases this just involves switching them on and is not a complicated or involved job
  • Finally, we require a room – preferably lockable – for our pre-show preparations and to leave our valuables during the show

For some large scale corporate shows we may need 3 hands-free lapel radio microphones plus a standard microphone for the musician. We would also require a technician to set up the equipment, check sound levels and operate the sound during the show.

INSTANT WIT will provide you with a contact person for each show.

We perform the show with 3 or 4 actors and a musician.

Our ‘get-in’ time, which includes our warm-up, is usually one and a half hours before the performance.

Show times (approximately) are as follows:

  • First half – 45 minutes
  • Interval – 20 minutes
  • Second half – 45 minutes